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The Beauty ESC is..

a destination where travel meets beauty. It is an extension of the eponymous video series on Youtube created for the curious by Amy Serrano.

Hi! I’m Amy,

and I wanted to start the Beauty ESC because whenever I traveled, I found myself looking for beauty products, rituals/services or even ingredients native to that area. I love to pay attention to what women are wearing and shop at stores for treasures that I can’t find back home. I think this is the (low-key) hipster in me, that loves to find pieces that no one else will have. I talk to locals about their beauty routines and advice on where to shop and have always noticed they are so eager to open up and discuss.


I believe that fashion and beauty is something we can all connect on. Where one may think its trivial, what I find to be so special is that each woman celebrates their individual fashion and beauty choices differently. As I journey around the world I want to celebrate these diversities but also share how at the end of the day we are all much more alike than we are different.


The Beauty ESC also collaborates with hotels, brands, tourism boards and businesses to promote travel, but not just any travel… 



We love an aesthetic, we love some flair and we love to support places that are doing things right!


If you ever find yourself in the same city as me, I want to do my best to guide you on what to do, where to stay, what to eat, through the lens of someone who isn’t packing just 4 outfits for 2 weeks in an Osprey backpack (if this is you, more power to you!) Or someone who is solely hitting up every Michelin 3-star restaurant (again if this is you pues, no invitas?

..I’m more of the in between traveler, a mix of adventure with “take a couple shots of me at this infinity pool, to post on the feed" And by a couple you know I mean at least 20 ;)


I’ll always seek to bring heaps of inspiration, advice, and fun.

So hit that ESC button, bb!

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