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A how-to guide for when you want to feel like a million dollars in the air without actually spending a million dollars!

Here are my top tips for living your best life in economy

Tip #1: Booking your flight. This is key! If you have a flying partner, book the window seat and the aisle seat. thereby leaving the middle seat open. 9 times out of 10, no one else will book the middle seat, and you will have the whole row to yourself! If someone does book the middle seat, they wont be opposed to switching so you and your flying companion can sit together.

Tip #2:

Facials: The circulating air on the plan is brutal. Why not treat yourself to some fun hydrating sheet masks in the air! You'll wake up like a hydrated baby cherub.

Tip #3:

Pinkies up (Always!): Sip on any beverage of your choice with your pinky raised to feel instantly bougie.

Tip #4:

Lavish Layovers: If you have a layover make sure to look at the airport perks. Is there a spa situation there? How about a sleep lounge? Sometimes they're not as expensive as you would think and transforms the restless of travel feel like a spa day.

*Personal tip: If you get the chance pick Doha, Qatar, as your layover spot when traveling to Asia or Africa. You can get a super fancy hotel room there for just $50. We even had access to a jacuzzi and swimming pool- now that is bougie and you definitely will feel refreshed after traveling 10+ hours. Don’t forget to sprinkle in some luxurious skincare to make your hotel stay even better.


Treat Yourself! Go ahead a splurge on the calories. Nourish your body with some delicious food.

Tip #6:

Pick a great airline: Probably most important. From the check in process to the actual seats on the flight. Check the app RATE MY FLIGHT to read reviews before you go.

Some of my favorites flying experiences have been with Qatar Airways and JetBlue. They really get it right when it comes to their planes.

I mean, For Qatar, we were on a double-decker plane for crying out loud! Not to mention that a good airline will always have inflight Wi-Fi and we all know how crucial that is. Their complimentary goodie bag was the best too. Apart from the usual socks and earplugs, this one even came with an adorable lip balm! It's the little details and customer service that makes a world of difference.

Next time you fly economy but these tips to the test and don't forget to share #TheBeautyESC on instagram.

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