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What makes Belize, Unbelizeable

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

From swimming with the sharks to the miles of gorgeous turquoise calm waters, Belize is a destination you'll definitely want to put on your bucket list.

Here is my quick guide to exploring Belize

Belize Travel Guide 2019

Things to Know Before you Jetset


Fly into Belize City (BZE).

- Headed to San Ignacio: (about 1.5-2 hour car ride) Book a shuttle/or shared shuttle to ensure someone is picking you up. We noticed there weren't many taxis wanting to head to San Ignacio when we exited the airport.

We booked our shuttle through William's Shuttle Service from BZE to San Ignacio $110 one-way (1-3 people) Contact: William's cell: (belize 011 501) 620.3055

He was super friendly, greeted us with beers, stopped for snacks, and even booked some tours for us.

- Headed to San Pedro or Caye Caulker- Grab a taxi and head to the water taxi terminal.

You can purchase your fare to either location ahead of time online or at the terminal. Once you land at your destination, you can walk to your hotel or take another taxi.


-Shuttles for the longer distances.

-FYI taxis are extremely expensive

-Ferrys to get to other parts of the country like Belize City to Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker.

-Golf Carts once in San Pedro

-Smaller planes to save time leaving San Pedro to Belize City use Tropic Air


  • USD is accepted everywhere

  • Since its an island many things are imported making everyday things pricier.

  • If you're going to drink buy duty free alcohol at the airport.

  • English is the official language of Belize but you may hear different dialects.

Let's break down the 3 main areas you'll probably want to know about before we jump into all it has to offer

  1. San Ignacio- A place where you can explore the Mayan Ruins and dive into adventure!

  2. Ambergris Caye- The island where San Pedro lies. Has stunning turquoise waters, lots of restaurants and is a bit more lively with its mix of locals, expats and tourists. It's considered a big town in Belize standards but I find it to have a very chill vibe. It's also favored by snorkleheads and divers. Definitely more to do here vs . Caye Caulker.

  3. Caye Caulker-We spent a day at Caye Caulker and felt it was enough. Its very small and you can walk from one end to the other in about 10 mins. If you want to seriously chill out you will like it here because their motto is GO SLOW! It definitely caters to a younger more backpacker crowd which is nice in terms of meeting people in your general age range and also cheaper than San Pedro.


  • Ka'ana Resort in San Ignacio: Stunning hotel and we loved their added little touches that makes you feel special. Staff is super friendly and the property is beautiful.

  • Las Terrazas Resort in San Pedro: It was beautiful but we felt like the customer service was not there. Its a bit further from the main strip of bars and restaurants if you're looking to just walk around. We rented a golf cart but you'll probably end up renting one anyways. Def. worth it instead of over paying the high price of taxis. Even though it was just ok I'm listing it because thats where we stayed.

  • Sandbar Hostel San Pedro: We met friends who were staying here and it seems to be the spot. It's a great place to meet other travelers and spend your nights and they offer private rooms if you're not into the full hostel life. Even if you don't stay here it's worth going to, to see if they can offer you a better deal on some tours. We booked our snorkel trip to Hol Chan through them.

  • PUR Boutique Cabanas Boutique feels luxe but has that beautiful boutique hotel vibe. Not super expensive

  • Check Airbnb for plenty of options. Not an Airbnb member yet? Get $40 off your first rental with my link here.


  • Xunantunich Mayan Ruins

  • Cahal Pech

  • Actun Tunichil Muknal - aka ATM tour!!!! This was one of the best experiences of the trip. You hike through the jungle, swim across rivers and go into a cave to be met with some spooky experiences.. don't want to spoil it all but its an experience you won't forget. We booked through Pacz Tours.

  • The Great Blue Hole: Book a helicoptor tour for the best views

  • Hol Chan + Shark Ray Alley - snorkel in these clear waters with nurse sharks and more. We booked a full day and they even took is for lunch at Caye Caulker. We were able to see a lot this day. Def recommend.

  • Secret Beach in Ambergris Caye- My favorite spot in all of San Pedro for relaxing and taking in the sunset. Get drinks at Blue Bayou!!

  • The Split in Caye Caulker: If you stay in San Pedro you can catch a ferry and spend the day here just be sure to book a ferry back in time or you risk getting stuck.


  • Tipsy Lobster - bomb fish tacos. Perfect for lunch.

  • Wild Mangos- Caribbean dishes. Didnt get a chance to try but was recommended by a friend we met while traveling there. He loved it!

  • Blue Water Grill- yummy seafood and a mix of everything from sushi, ceviche, to even pizza

  • Estelle's Dine by the Sea- Come for breakfast

  • El Fogon - Great local food prepared in open fire!

  • The Truck Stop- A bunch of different food trucks. Some nights there are social happenings like trivia night, karaoke etc.

  • Crocs Sunset Sports Bar- A great place to catch the sunset and eat fish tacos.

  • Belize Food Tour - our friend went on this food tour and loved it!

Important side note*-Wherever you go make sure you put Marie Sharps on everything! That hot sauce is literally FUEG!


As always I love to leave you with my Google Maps to help give you an idea of where things are when you're planning your trip as well as to have with you while traveling.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and tune into my Belize IG stories Highlight to see all these places in action


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