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Catchin’ the Wine Flu

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

sunrise balloon

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wilson creek cheese platter

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Temecula was such a pleasant surprise! I made my way to this under-the-radar gem to continue my birthday celebrations-yes, i’m one of those! Just an hour and half outside of Los Angeles, Temecula transcended me to its picturesque and charming landscapes creating a relaxing and memorable weekend. This bucolic wine country offers wineries upon wineries, savory eats, and hot air balloon flights that provides even more gorgeous views as you overlook from thousands of feet above. The hot air balloon experience is like no other! I urge everyone to try it at least once. We booked our flight through Sunrise Balloons, and had no complaints. Wilson Creek Winery is also a must, especially satisfying your palette with their famous almond champagne, coined the OMG! Champange for obvious reasons.

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