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Get Packin’ for your next Roadtrip

Updated: Jul 27, 2019


I have compiled a list of my packing essentials for a roadtrip. After making a journey from Los Angeles, CA-> Dallas, TX I’ve learned what I should’ve brought and what I could’ve done without (free up the extra room for more snacks!).  Pack these items on your next voyage and you won’t regret it!

Road Trip packing


  1. Camera – taking pictures along the way and documenting your journey makes it all the more fun! You come across some interesting road side attractions, let me tell you!  Shake it like a polaroid picture here

  2. A comfortable outfit, preferably 100% cotton. Also denim shorts makes it easier to simply switch out the top as the days come and go, since denim doesn’t need to be washed everyday. My go to is a white tee and cutoffs.

  3. Sunnies! Don’t let that sun blind you while you’re driving! Never have my eyes teared up more than the sunrise in Arizona…

  4. Multiple usb port car charger. Gotta keep that iPhone juiced! Don’t be rude and hog the charger, with this multiple port feature you can both be charged up! WIN-WIN Here

  5. Dry Shampoo! Who says you can’t have good hair days on the road…here

  6. Backpack to keep all your essentials in one place. Keep it with you in the front rather than in the trunk so it’ll be in arms reach.

  7. Blanket to keep cozy. Do your self  a favor and pack a blanket and pillow to sleep until your next driving shift, plus driving through the night the temperature sometimes drops dramatically; keep warm here.

  8. Roll-on perfume cuz you don’t wanna be the stinky one. One of my favorite scents  here

  9. Makeup wipes. Honestly even if you’re sans makeup it cleans off the dirt, oil and all those lil nasties that collect on your mug through sweat and the environment. Bonus, you won’t need that bathroom pitstop. Get refreshed here !

  10. Lip Balm. Sun exposure, the wind blowing in your face, and the A/C are all factors leading to a dry face. Moisturize those pouts to keep them looking  smooth and plump. High-five if it has SPF. My favorites are here and here

  11. Rosewater spray. Speaking of drying… Rosewater is a quick fix to replenish moisture. Spray this lil beauty elixir and it immediately hydrates your face. It also doubles as a makeup refresher in case your make up starts looking drab AND I assure you, you will be tired on any roadtrip-as many redbulls as you down-this spray brightens up your eyes and honestly just soothes and wakes up your skin here

  12. Snacks!  I tried to go the healthy route and pack fruits and veggies which were kept cold using this awesome portable cooler here..BUT after a day and a half (once all the ice packs melted) it just wasn’t a good idea to pack THAT many perishable items, hot fruit is no fun!! HOT CHEETOS on the other hand….

  13. Water! Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

  14. Colgate Wisps. Portable toothbrush to keep your teeth clean from all those snacks you’ll be munching on. Do your fellow passengers a favor and brush your grill, please. Again no need for the annoying bathroom pitstop with these babies here

  15. Comfortable shoes. I’d opt for these dope nikes here.

Other useful tidbits:

Make an offline Spotify music playlist.. you can check mine out here. It truly is the music that keeps you going, so make it a good one! Set it to offline cuz trust me you will not have service at one point on your trip.

The Roadtrippers app is a must! Its so fun to map out your roadtrip with this app because you can find other things you may not have known lied on the way to your destination- usually alot of fun roadside attractions. (PHOTO OP!!)



  1. Toilet Paper- Honestly only ONE roll is necessary, don’t go crazy here… Most gas stations and rest stops are stocked (from my experience).

  2. Hand Sanitizer because, although stocked with tp, rest stops and gas stations are pretty gross!

  3. Screenshoot your directions. GPS can be lost with faulty service.

  4. First Aid Kit. Anything can happen.

  5. Car Emergency Kit and a gas can with a gallon or two just in case. Our rule was as soon as we hit  1/4 tank we would pull over to fill up which worked for us!

  6. Cash/change for any tollroads you encounter.

Obviously get your car checked out before hitting the road. Your car goes through a lot on a road trip, so be sure to pamper her before and after…. oil change, car wash, tire pressure check, etc.


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