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Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Playa del Carmen was everything I could’ve asked for in a trip. I absolutely LOVE visiting Mèxico. The hospitality that I feel surpasses any other country I’ve ever visited. They truly know how to make a girl feel welcome. Ay mis lindos mexicanos.

We stayed in Playa del Carmen, my first time visiting and I have to say it quickly became one of my favorite cities in Mexico. I wish I could’ve spent more time there.

TIP #1

GO LONGER THAN 4 DAYS! You truly need a full week to soak up these radiant, white sand beaches and sparkling, aqua-blue waters. My favorite part of the whole trip was visiting Tulum. We saw las ruinas de Tulum, and swam in a beautiful cenote *basically a sink hole caused by the crumbling of limestone and looks a lot like an underground cave with water. What a solitary experience! Bats flying above us, turtles and fish swimming with us, and clear blue waters (check out my video above to see what I mean)

TIP #2

VISIT A CENOTE!!  You will not regret it one bit. We spent a day at Mamitas Beach eating crunchy, mouthwatering chilaquiles for breakfast and fresh ceviche to re-up after our cycle of cheladas ->siesta->take a dip>repeat.

Um, can I be on vacation forever?

TIP #3

REAPPLY SUNBLOCK EVERY 2 HOURS – I’m still peeling 🙁 The nightlife is played down, at least from what I saw. We ended up at this three-story lounge, La Santenera, and spent our evening on the rooftop taking in the beautiful views of Playa del Carmen. Vibing to the pulsing beats coming from the DJ, yet saddened that it was our last night and we would soon part ways with this captivating city. Don’t worry Playa I will be back and I promise to make more time for you!


beach tote


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