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Macadamia Keratin Treatment



Panama is thee destination for hair straightening procedures. They are ahead of the game when it comes to this industry, housing treatments that are not yet available in the U.S. (They had the Brazilian blowout waaay before U.S. did). Most Panamaeñas have curly/ kinky hair, mixed with Panama’s humid climate and harsh sun it’s no wonder that these women flock to beauty salons to ensure their hair is on point, always!  At just $10.00 USD you can get a top-notch blowout ! (If I lived here I would never ever do my hair myself) The hair stylists get your hair so smooth, soft, and shiny.. and honestly because they are used to working with my type of hair (and kinkier) it’s the best blow out I’ve ever gotten! There were different hair treatments I wanted to try when coming to Panama. Chocolaterapia was one. Baño de Oro was another and also the more natural Macadamia Therapy. This time around I opted for the Macadamia Therapy which repairs, hydrates and smooths your hair, truly leaving it radiant. I went to Brasil Cacau Panama for my treatment. It took about two-three hours because the longer you leave the treatment the better! Macadamia Therapy is a keratin treatment that is proposed to last 3 months. The hair dresser started by washing my hair clean and applying a collagen mask, I left it in for about an hour and then she rinsed it and applied the macadamia oils and blow dried my hair straight. She sealed everything by pressing my hair with a flat-iron and that was it. It doesn’t straighten your locks like a Brazilian Blowout where there are chemicals that internally modify the structure of your strands, but rather it applies a concentrate of proteins and amino acids that restores silkiness, flexibility, shine and gives strength to your hair. The added flexibility makes your curls softer and eliminates the frizz, but if you’re looking for zero curls Chocolaterapia is the procedure you are looking for. Chocolaterapia is the next treatment I want to try. Seeing the before and afters I’m sold especially because it contains no formaldehyde, that terrible irritating odor!  I’m extremely happy with my Macadamia Therapy treatment because my hair feels so soft and healthy, it smelled so yummy, and I love that there are no harsh chemicals. (I’m forever scarred from using “creamy crack” -relaxers-leaving my hair brittle for years)  Even when I wear my hair curly its so much smoother and manageable. I paid $44.00 for this treatment and I even received a maintenance kit to take home, which included three full-sized bottles of sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and a leave in treatment. I would recommend this to everyone who has struggled with frizzy, dry hair like me. You can visit Brasil Cacau Panama Facebook page if you want to see other before and afters as well as the other products they offer.


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