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Road Trippin’ to Prada Marfa

Updated: Jul 27, 2019




Top similar here Hat similar here. Jeans similar here. Converse here.


Top and skirt from H&M


Upon discovering Prada Marfa through other bloggers and miss Beyoncé, I made it a point that I absolutely had to go. It has become a fashion landmark and I thought the concept of it is so cool. An oxymoron of sorts; you have this replica of a lavish designer store in the middle of no man’s land- just a genius piece of art! Years passed by and I still hadn’t had a chance to go, and then the perfect opportunity arose. My boyfriend and I trekked from Los Angeles through the  breathtaking Grand Canyon (I’m convinced its just a hollywood backdrop), New Mexico and all the way to Dallas, Texas. I dragged my boyfriend (bless his soul) to Prada Marfa deviating another hour or so off our course, but it was totally worth it!

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